Adoption In The News: Reunion 38-years in the making

NBC News tells the story of Damon Davis and his birth mother, Ann Sullivan, who were recently reunited 38 years after Sullivan made an adoption plan.

The story said that Davis grew up as a “happy and well adjusted child” but as he grew older and began to raise a family of his own, he felt the need to know his birth mother.

“Anytime you try to find someone, you have no idea what they’ve been up to or what they’re expecting from you,” Davis said in the article.

It turns out that both Davis and Sullivan work for the federal government, just blocks apart from each other, and went to the same graduate school.

There are many ways and reasons to perform an adoption search and lately there have been many stories about social media aiding adoption searches. This article made a point to say that Davis used an adoption caseworker, who gathered information on Sullivan, and than Davis wrote a letter to his birth mother.

While social media can be a great tool for adoption searches, at Adoption STAR we feel it is best to message somebody directly, either by email or personnel letter.