Adoption Myth: I am too old to Adopt

“I am too old to Adopt.”

Well okay, maybe… are you 98?

It is one of the questions and, let’s be honest, fears, that I hear over and over again. So although I try to let prospective adoptive parents know when they have that all too common concern, NO they are not too old to adopt, I thought I would take some time today and try and ease some of your fears. So sit back, put your feet up and take a few minutes with me while I share some of our experiences and try to help break the myth that you are too old to adopt.

The truth is expectant parents select adoptive parents for many different reasons.
They may be looking for a individual or couple who is older because they feel they may be more mature, financially stable, and more able and ready to raise a family.

And another thing to think about is, who you are, can you still get around, do you go out and have fun? Of course you do. In your profile you have the opportunity to show that you don’t hide away in the house all day but you get up, you go out, you have hobbies and interests. A great way that all families can show off their stuff is by creating an interesting at a glance page, or individual page. So go ahead, show off your gardening skills, your love of hiking, your interest in those popular TV shows…you can’t be too old if you enjoy a good laugh now and then.

One more really good reason that you are not to old to adopt? And this is a big one. Are you ready? We see it happen all the time!
I have worked with many families over the years (and not just at Adoption STAR) who have adopted at all ages. Because the right expectant mother found the right family. And this is what I want you to hold onto most of all.

So take a deep breath, smile and remember, you are on this journey for the right reason and one day weather you are 35 or 53 you will bring your little one home to give that special baby all the love and guidance he or she needs.

Rachael Metz

Rachael Metz, LMSW

Adoptive Parent Social Worker and Family Advocate

Rachael works in the Adoptive Parent Department as a Social Worker and Family Advocate providing support to adoptive families of Adoption STAR from their first steps of the process and throughout their adoption journey.