Adoption Poetry

The adoption journey is shared in many ways whether it is by book, song, film, poetry or other creative outlet. The highs and lows for all members of the journey allow for a lot of interesting, heartfelt and informative material to be created. Today I will be sharing two poems about the adoption journey; one entitled “Mother to Mother” by an unnamed poet, and the second entitled “What is an Adoptive Father?” by Jane F. Murphy.

Mother to mother

our love is one

brought together by a common son

with love filled tears

you let go of your boy

and my heart overflowed

with the purest of joy.


I look in his eyes

and an angel is there

bursting with love, ready to share

Far away thoughts

and dreams we can’t hear

he’s different I see, yet precious and dear


I want you to know

when the moon takes the light

and he’s safe in his bed I kiss him goodnight.

And when to him I say

“Mommy loves you”

I say it from me

and I say it from you.


Mother to mother

our love is one

brought together by a common son. . .


Thea author’s name is presently unknown but she is said to be the adoptive mom of a son with Autism.


What is an Adoptive Father

By: Jane F. Murphy


An Adoptive father…

is the one who signs the countless forms,

writes the many checks,

and patiently listens to his wife’s stories

about the latest adoption rumors


An Adoptive father…

goes to work and worries about

adoption fees, pre-existing insurance.

And the bully down the street

who calls his child a name.


An Adoptive father…

drives a truck, works on Wall Street,

or supervises a factory,

and shyly, but proudly shows off

his new daughter’s picture to his co-workers and friends.


An Adoptive father…

knows he is black, brown, white or yellow,

he has an Italian, Greek, Irish or Polish name,

and still eagerly waits for the compliment

that his Thai son is just like his “dad”.


An Adoptive father…

experiences the conception, labor and birth of adoption

only to privately wipe his tears; step aside,

and watch…

as his wife is handed their child to hold, for the

first time.


An Adoptive father…

is many things. He is often forgotten,

overlooked, never written about or seldom praised,

and yet…

without him; where would our children be?

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