Adoption and the Presidents: A Quiz

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We are celebrating Presidents’ Day with a fun adoption quiz. Happy Presidents’ Day.

[toggle title=”Who are the only two Presidents to have been formally adopted?” open=”no”]

Clinton and Ford

President Bill Clinton & President Gerald Ford

Both presidents were adopted by their respective step-fathers.


[toggle title=”Which President was the first to sign the Constitution and the first of three Presidents to become an adoptive dad?” open=”no”]

George Washington

President George Washington

George Washington adopted his wife’s grandson. “George Washington Parke Custis was born on April 30, 1781, at his mother’s family home at Mount Airy … He initially lived with his parents Jacky Custis and Eleanor Calvert Custis … However, six months after Custis was born, his father died of ‘camp fever’ at Yorktown, shortly after the British army surrendered there. His father’s widowed mother Martha had married George Washington, who raised his young namesake Custis at Mount Vernon and adopted him.” Wikipedia


[toggle title=”Which President whose face is on the 20 dollar bill was the second of the three Presidents to become an adoptive dad?” open=”no”]

Andrew Jackson

President Andrew Jackson

President Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel Jackson never had biological children. “Andrew Jackson served as guardian for numerous children although not all of them lived with the Jacksons. In the early nineteenth century, if a child’s father died, the courts appointed a guardian to supervise the child’s interests, even if the child’s mother still lived.” The Hermitage. Many of these children did end up living with the Jacksons, including a Native American child, whose mother was killed on a battlefield.


[toggle title=”Which President along with his first wife Jane adopted a son?” open=”no”]

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Michael Reagan was adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman shortly after his birth.


[toggle title=”Which President declared a ‘National Adoption Week’?” open=”no”]

Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford

Before there was National Adoption Month, there was Adoption Week in Massachusetts, which was started in 1976 by Governor Michael Dukakis. That same year, President Gerald Ford, announced that adoption week would be celebrated nationally.


[toggle title=”Following the success of ‘Adoption Week’, which president penned ‘Proclamation 6846 – National Adoption Month?'” open=”no”]

Faith Hill

President Bill Clinton

President Clinton wrote in Proclamation 6846, “As we observe National Adoption Month, we celebrate these achievements and recognize the rewards of adoption, but we must also remember that much work remains to be done. Citizens from all communities and organizations from the public and private sectors must join together to renew our commitment to finding permanent homes for each one of America’s children.” The American Presidency Project


[toggle title=”Which President signed the ‘Intercountry Adoption Universal Accreditation Act’?” open=”no”]


President Barack Obama

All agencies providing adoption services involving children emigrating from or immigrating to the US are required to meet the Hague Accreditation Standards. This important legislation helps control international adoption abuses.



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