Adoption STAR 30 Day Challenge Week 2: Is Loganberry a Soda?

Is Loganberry a soda? That was the question of the day at the staff meeting. One of my 30 day challenges is not drinking any soda for 30 days, and it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be. However, Saturday afternoon I found myself drinking a glass of Loganberry, and about halfway through I realized what I was doing. I thought about not finishing the glass, but decided at that point the deed had been done, and finished the glass. I brought my question to the staff today to see if I had a set-back in my challenge, and received an overwhelming answer of no, Loganberry is not a soda.

What does everyone think? Is Loganberry a soda? Give your answer in the poll below. [poll id=”2″]

Everyone on the staff reported great success in their 30 day challenges thus far. Some of us have missed a day or two, but the goal is to not give up and pick up our activities where we left them. I think Adoption STAR CEO and Founder, Michele Fried, said it best when she said that we should keep reminding ourselves that this challenge is meant to add something productive to our everyday lives going forward, not just for 30 days.

We’d love to hear how your challenges are going, two weeks in!