Adoption STAR Adds New Position To Its Growing Agency

Adoptive Parent Mentor & Coach

suereardonAdoption STAR is thrilled to announce the new position of Adoptive Parent Mentor and Coach and even happier to share that the individual hired for this position is Susan Reardon. Sue has been a friend to the agency and advocate for adoption since she and her husband began their own adoption journey over 10 years ago. With the experience of being a three-time Adoption STAR adoptive mom and a background in Human Services, Sue has been a natural mentor to countless families.

Since a “mentor” is a trusted guide and a “coach” is someone who not only instructs but also demonstrates, then the title of Adoptive Parent Mentor and Coach truly describes Sue and her work for Adoption STAR.

Sue will assist families who choose to pursue the Agency Assisted Private Track in addition to the preparation of digital profiles. Sue will facilitate the Agency Assisted Private Track training and will guide clients through the process. She also will be providing consultations and assisting with preparation of the digital and hard copy profiles that adoptive parents need when adopting domestically.

Sue will also serves as the staff liaison for SOFIA, the Adoptive Family Support & Social Group and looks forward to connecting with clients throughout the agency’s various geographical areas.

Sue lives with her family in Rochester and enjoys photography in her spare time. She also has a passion for helping families navigate through the adoption process. She states, “I believe so strongly in adoption, because I have the honor of living it every day!”

Sue will begin this new role on January 22. To reach Sue, feel free to call the agency directly at 716-639-3900 or email her at