Adoption STAR Book Club

For those that missed the Facebook post earlier today, we would like to begin an Official Adoption STAR Book Club. The “meetings” will take place online on the Adoption STAR Facebook page. We believe this will be a great way for everyone involved to continue their adoption education and grow from other people’s experiences. And hopefully we will all enjoy the adoption-related books!

All of the members of the book club will decide, as a group, on an adoption-related book to read, and either once-per-week or once every-other-week we will discuss the book in the comments section on the Facebook page. I will also be providing longer reviews on the Adoption STAR blog.

In order to get started we need to know how many people are interested in taking part in the Adoption STAR Book Club. Please respond in the comments section of the Facebook page or the blog, or email Alex at Once we have enough people to have discussions, we will decide on the first book.