Adoption STAR Holiday Buffalo Staff Dinner

Last night the Adoption STAR Buffalo staff all got together for our annual staff holiday party and a delicious dinner at Ristorante Lombardo.

A great time was had by all as we put ourselves into a food coma and “secret santas” were revealed. Despite her best efforts, Adoption STAR Birth Mother Specialist, and resident sleuth, Sue Shaw, was unable to uncover who her secret santa was until the time came to reveal at the end of dinner. Family Advocate Missy Spatari, is known in the office for her cooking skills and adventurous food palate and was successful in her attempt to get some of the staff to try escargot! (I tried the Escargot, and while I didn’t mind the taste, not sure I can get past the fact that I was eating snail! lol.)

Adoption STAR is wishing a happy and peaceful holiday season to you and your family!

(Also if you were expecting a great photo of all of the staff at the event….well apparently we still don’t have the technology to take a clear picture in a dark restaurant without a flash! Who knew?)