Adoption STAR Private Track Training in Albany

Adoption STAR will be holding an Agency Assisted Private Adoption class on Thursday, August 18 from 6-8pm at the Colonie Community Center in Albany New York, and there is still room left! This class will teach you different ways to market yourselves to expecting parents, including how to take advantage of networking, advertising, the internet and social media.

Adoption STAR’s Agency Assisted Private Adoption Track allows clients the opportunity to market themselves and search for a birth parent, while also having the backing and support of an authorized adoption agency.

While you are marketing yourselves and searching for an expecting mother who is considering making an adoption plan, your family advocate will still also be contacting you with profiling opportunities through the agency. If you are successful in finding an expecting mother, you will refer them to Adoption STAR, where she will be eligible for counseling and all of the support Adoption STAR birth parents receive. Adoption STAR in turn, will provide to you proof of pregnancy, and all of her background information, including prenatal records, should they be available.  Your placement fees will also be cut in half if you are to find an expecting parent and refer them to the agency.

“By dual enrolling yourself in our Domestic Program, and by taking control of your adoption journey with the Agency Assisted Private Track, you truly increase your opportunities and the possibility to see a quick placement,” said Missy Spatari, who is the Private Track Coordinator, as well as a Family Advocate at Adoption STAR.

To RSVP for this class or for more information on Private Track adoption, please contact Missy at the agency at or (716) 639-3900.  The fee for this class is at a reduced rate of $275, which is a $100 savings with the added benefit of learning with a group.