Adoption STAR Provides a “Team Approach” When Working With Adoptive Parents – Part 2

This blog post is the second (and final) in a series that thoroughly describes the team approach that Adoption STAR utilizes when providing services to prospective adoptive parents.

How Can My Adoption STAR Family Advocate Help Me?
Shannon or Rachael will be assigned as your Family Advocate and will hold an initial consultation appointment with you and assist you with home study documents and profile preparation. They may provide information on potential situations that may end up becoming a match or placement for you. In addition, they will help you develop a support network with other adoptive families and encourage you to educate yourselves on adoption and parenting. They are available in person or by phone to talk, listen, educate, support, provide resources, etc. Though you may be assigned to one of them, you may also hear from and learn from the other Family Advocate.

How Can The Adoption STAR Client Support Person Help Me?
Lisa will assist you when your Family Advocate is unavailable, as well as be available to you as an additional support through your journey. Lisa will also communicate with you as we receive information on your case or on potential referrals.

How Can the Adoption STAR Client Relationship Manager Help Me?
Zack puts together the client files and provides the first introduction to the agency. In addition, he provides the Family Advocates with your initial registration and new file and is able to keep you informed of the progress on your file. If the Family Advocates or Client Support staff are unavailable, Zack will be able to provide you with information and assist you. He will also take detailed messages for the staff member you wish to connect with. In addition to Zack’s professional adoption experience and as an adult adoptee Zack can provide additional handholding and is happy to answer questions and share information on the adoption journey.

How Can the Director of Adoption Help Me?
Kathy Crissey, MS LMHC has been affiliated with Adoption STAR for over a decade. As the Director of Adoption, she has overall responsibility for the management and administration of the agency’s adoption programs. This includes, but is not limited to: pre and post domestic and international adoption programs, adoptive family recruitment, assessment, training and case management. This position provides direct supervision to all employees related to the adoption programs including in multiple sub-office sites. Additionally, Kathy oversees the monitoring for quality and ensuring stability of adoptive placements. Adoption has always been near and dear to Kathy’s heart both professionally and personally as Kathy is the adoptive mother of four children.

Who Are the Home Study Social Workers?
Adoption STAR utilizes individuals who are experienced social workers and who join us with clinical experience, prior adoption and foster care experience, and strong verbal and written skills, etc. Many of these social workers are adoptive parents themselves. All of these social workers have a passion for the field and work non-traditional hours to be available to meet you at your convenience. Our home study social workers work independently as assessors and have received extensive education and training on the state regulations regarding adoption studies. Because they are professionals in the social work and/or mental health fields, they are able to provide you with additional education, support and resources.

Communication With Your Adoption STAR Team:
Please understand that because of the nature of the process, there may be times when you will hear from a team member regularly, and there may be times when there is no new information for many weeks. We always encourage you to call when you have questions or just to check in. If we are not available, we will return your call as soon as possible.

We understand that the adoption process may be challenging, feel lengthy, frustrating and emotional. We also know that you will need to be patient and determined to see it through. We hope that you will work closely with all of us and permit us to assist you as needed.

Whether you have already adopted or are at the very beginning of the adoption process, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you and be a part of your adoption journey.

Other Important Members of the Adoption STAR Family:
In addition to our Director of Adoption, Family Advocates, Client Support staff, CRM, AP Mentor & Coach, student interns, and home study social worker, we have the expertise and guidance of our CEO and agency founder, birth parent supervisor, program directors, administrative staff, per diem social workers and assessors, E-marketing and development staff, board members, volunteers and most importantly our experienced clients ~ both birth parents and adoptive parents who have a wealth of knowledge to share and the incredible ability and desire to provide you with information and support!