Adoption STAR Staff Responses to This Month’s Film Clip

Here are some Adoption STAR staff reactions to the latest film clip we watched as a part of our TV/Film clip viewing project. See our Facebook post on 5/1/14 for more information (or to view the clip for yourself). The clip in question is from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.


“I am conflicted about this clip. My initial response after watching this was, ‘babies DO NOT simply fall into your hands.’ The show makes adoption seem so simple, as if everyone is bound to just ‘find’ a baby that has been abandoned. As many of us know, adoption is a journey that often takes some time. However, I do appreciate how the actors portrayed their excitement and shock at the prospect of adopting. The adoption process is not a simple one, but with the right attitude and support it can be a very fulfilling journey to embark on.” – Senovia Cuevas, Administrative Assistant

“This clip does a wonderful job of showing how the decision to adopt can sometimes be an impromptu thought by one member of a couple who brings the idea to the other. We find that this is extremely natural when it comes to starting a family or deciding to have another child. Additionally, the concept of love at first sight is evident in this clip. Derek instantly fell in love with Zola and knew right then and there that she was meant to be his daughter. It sounds so simple, but it is something that many adoptive parents share – that moment when they see their child for the first time and their world is suddenly perfect. While the circumstances surrounding the clip (the couple both working at a hospital where a child without parents happens to come into the picture) are not what one would necessarily think of immediately when thinking about adoption, it is a realistic portrayal of the initial emotions that can go into such a beautiful decision.” – Zachary Fried, Client Relationship Manager

“In our experience, typically there is a lot of careful, deliberate thought that goes into the decision to become adoptive parents. This clip did nothing to convey this reality. I cannot imagine that it’s common for couples to turn to each other (while holding an abandoned child in their arms) and say, “let’s become adoptive parents to this baby!” Also, I’m concerned that the clip might imply that deciding to adopt a child is something that can be done at a drop of a dime. Anyone who has adopted a child knows that this is not the case. In my opinion, Hollywood has an opportunity to showcase a strong sense of social responsibility when tackling “real life” issues by providing accurate, factual portrayals of concepts (like adoption). By choosing not to do so, they perpetuate myths, misconceptions or misunderstandings – and they do so on a grand scale – several millions viewers at a time!” – Michael Hill, Associate Director

“When watching the clip I was reminded of this – in international adoption, often times there is one person who immediately and sometimes seemingly out-of-the-blue connects with a country or a particular child. That person typically then becomes the driving force behind the adoption.” – Wendy Lane

“What stood out to me most was the idea that, within adoption, there is often something unexplainable that draws you to a specific child or situation. Sometimes one partner is onboard before the other, like in the case of Derek and Meredith. Sometimes it’s a choice that may not seem at all rational to those around you. Often, it’s that unexplainable and undeniable feeling that it’s just ‘right.’ I firmly believe that when it is right, you will know it. It might not always make sense, but your heart will know and it’s important to listen to that small but persistent voice that screams ‘YES!’” – Sue Reardon, Private Track Coach and Adoptive Parent Mentor

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