Adoption STAR Staff Thoughts on Adoption Movie: “Live and Become”

Yesterday the Adoption STAR staff took some time out of our busy schedule to watch a movie called “Live and Become”. The film follows Scholomo, as he is sent by his mother from the Sudan to Israel through a program called Operation Moses, despite not being Jewish.  Once in Israel Schlomo is adopted by a Jewish family. The film follows Schlomo’s path to adulthood as he struggles with a trans-racial and trans-cultural adoption, and keeping the secret that he is not Jewish.

Here are three staff members’ thoughts on this powerful movie:

Adoption STAR Staff Photo Lynlee BarbourLynlee Barbour –          Almost as much as the captivating plot line, I was intrigued by the many different cultural customs that the movie included. From his time in the camps to his Bar Mitzvah, the customs of both Africa and Israel are prominent features of Schlomo’s life. It defines who he is, who he can interact with and the reactions that he encounters throughout the community. This movie will tug at your heart strings as well as make you think about your own identity as Schlomo struggles with his.

Adoption STAR Staff Photo - Shannon WhalenShannon Whalen –      This film did an amazing job capturing many of the feelings, thoughts and behaviors we often experience, as people involved in the adoption world. It touched on issues involving not only Schlomo and his journey, but also Schlomo’s adoptive family, and the intense ups and downs they experienced trying to support Schlomo. I would very much encourage people to see this film (if you haven’t already!).

Adoption STAR Staff Photo Alex RubinAlex Rubin – Schlomo’s struggle to fit in to the Israeli culture while also not wanting to forget his birth background are sentiments that many adoptees can relate to. Despite featuring several languages and cultures, “Live and Become” did a great job of depicting universal feelings that are relatable to anyone involved in the adoption journey.

If you would like more information on “Live and Become” you can visit its IMDB page. You can also find it for purchase at