Adoption STAR’s 30 Day Challenge

Last week I wrote about Michele Fried’s challenge to the Adoption STAR staff to choose an activity and do it for the next 30 days. Apparently doing something every day for 30 days is the way to create a habit that will stick with you throughout life. Michele got this idea after watching a speech by Matt Cutts, which you can watch in the linked blog post above.

At the weekly staff meeting this morning everyone talked about the activities they chose. Some of them included:
– Reading for 30 minutes each day
– Waking up earlier every weekday morning
– Walking outside in the sunlight every day
– Eating a piece of fruit every day
– Increasing water intake
– Writing in a journal every day
– Remembering to take vitamins every day
– Praising both dogs every day
– Writing one personalized note card to a friend or family member per day to send through “snail mail.”
– Writing a novel

Some of these challenges are more personal then others, so we decided to leave off the names specific to each challenge. I will say that I chose two challenges:

1. No soda for 30 days
2. Write for 30 minutes per day

The no soda challenge is going to be harder then I originally thought. I have now gone five days without soda and I can feel myself craving the caffeine. However I’ve been told by several people how eventually not drinking soda will actually give me more energy then drinking soda does….we’ll see how this goes.

We will begin these challenges on Wednesday, January 18, and will complete them on Friday, February 17. We will be checking in every week at the staff meeting with how our challenges are going. I will post weekly updates on the blog (maybe in video form) of how challenges are going.

Everyone is excited for this adventure, and we hope that you will choose an activity and join us in our 30 day adventure.