Adoption STAR’s Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program

This post was written about Kit and Mike who adopted through Adoption STAR’s Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program.

“We always knew that we wanted to have children and were excited when we began our adoption journey one year ago. We were blessed with the arrival of our son, Thomas, who was born on March 10, 2010!” These words came from Kit and Mike who initially enrolled with Adoption STAR’s Traditional Agency Adoption Program. However, they were connected with their son’s birth parents in a different way.  By outreach and networking, Kit and Mike met a beautiful young birth couple.  Many clients don’t avail themselves of the comprehensive and successful program known as The Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program, aka “Private Track.”  “This is unfortunate,” states Missy Spatari, adoption social worker,  “The Agency Assisted route only increases one’s ability to adopt.”

Kit and Mike write, “Adoption STAR’s Agency Assisted Private Track allowed us the benefit of independently developing a relationship with our son’s birth parents, but also providing resources, support, and guidance to everyone involved when needed. Over six months, we were able to develop a wonderful adoption plan with our son’s birth parents. We were active in the birth mother’s medical appointments and were present for our son’s birth… a moment we will cherish forever!” Today Kit and Mike maintain an open relationship with their son’s birth parents.  Kit states, “He will know, from a young age, his adoption story and the special way in which we became a family.

Download this PDF for more information on the Adoption STAR Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program