Adoption Tax Credit Delays

2011 was the first year that the IRS made the Adoption Tax Credit refundable, and according to this article, the IRS was, and still is, unprepared for the amount of paperwork that was submitted. According to the article “by the end of April, 58 percent of adoption claims were held up in a time consuming IRS review.”

Howard Kass, who is a CPA with Zinner & Co., said in the article that some people may be waiting until the 2012 to receive their refund checks.  In the article, Zinner said that the problem was “You’re heaping more and more paper on the IRS which is trying to get further away from processing paper.”

According to the article, the IRS told congress that they are attempting to make sure that there are no “erroneous” refund checks being sent out, which is delaying the process.

If you are still waiting for your Adoption Tax Credit refund check, the article said that the IRS is advising taxpayers to call the taxpayer assitance center at 1-800-829-1040 or go to the “Where’s My Refund” section of the IRS website.