Adoption Themes in Film

There’s been a lot of buzz about adoption-related films as of late. Read on for information and resources pertaining to adoption in the movies.

Quvenzhane Wallis;Jamie FoxxFor anyone that regularly read our blog last year and/or stayed up to date with the agency via Facebook, you’re familiar with the fact that Adoption STAR is very interested in adoption-related themes in televisions shows and movies. We have monthly “all staff” staff meetings here at Adoption STAR, and for a good chunk of 2014, we spent a few minutes at several “all staff” staff meetings watching movie clips or snippets of televisions shows that were adoption-specific. We then posted these same clips and/or snippets on our blog and Facebook page, and then invited folks to offer up their commentary in the form of Facebook comments (and about two weeks later, we posted staff commentary for folks to read as well).

In addition to this, Adoption STAR’s Client Relationship Manager Zack Fried has put together a well-received workshop that focuses specifically on media portrayals of adoption (with a specific focus on both television and film). Zack has run this workshop at several conferences and it’s routinely a hit – attendees give it rave reviews and clearly appreciate dissecting both the good and the bad when it comes to how adoption is presented “on screen.”

The recent release of the movie “Annie” has been a hot topic for those touched by adoption. You’ll find no shortage of commentary regarding the movie, especially from bloggers who also happen to be adoptive parents. In an article entitled The Top 15 Family Films About Adoption for the Huffington Post (dated 12/31/14), co-authors Tara McNamara and Addison Cooper acknowledge, “cinematic adoption is having a moment,” and not just because of the release of “Annie.”

A big “thank you” to Adoption STAR Founder and CEO Michele Fried for drawing our attention to the article, as it provides some basic commentary about adoption in film, but perhaps more importantly it offers up an incredible list of films with adoption-related themes that adults and kids alike will enjoy. Here’s a link to the article itself: The Top 15 Family Films About Adoption

We wholeheartedly encourage you to read the write-ups on each of these 15 films. We also encourage you to consider joining us here at Adoption STAR for an adoption-themed film that we’re showing later this month that’s NOT on the list in the aforementioned article – The Boxtrolls!

For more information about this opportunity, click on the link below for a flyer that provides date, time, and all the other important details. We hope you’ll join us.

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