From our Birth Parent Department – Creating an Adoption Plan

Adoption STAR’s Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw and Birth Family Advocate Stephanie Velez describe the steps involved when the agency’s pregnant clients make an adoption plan.

093014If after working with us you come to the conclusion that adoption is the best option for you and your baby, we will work with you to help you develop an adoption plan that is tailor made for you. We will work with you to learn all about your preferences for an adoptive family. Should you desire, we will identify profiles of prospective adoptive parents for you based on your preferences. You can review these in an effort to “get to know” them and ultimately select your baby’s parents. If you choose to meet the adoptive parents, we will be available to arrange contact and be present with you for that meeting (if that’s what you desire).

Once you are ready to create your adoption plan, please know that there is no right or wrong way to put it together. The most important thing for you know and always remember is that Adoption STAR is here to support you and provide you with options to consider as you go about creating your plan.

You can be as involved in the adoption plan as you want. Here are some examples of the choices you have within the adoption plan:

  • You can view profiles and select the adoptive family if you’d like;
  • You can choose to have communication with the adoptive family before you give birth (via telephone, e-mail or in-person);
  • You can select the level of adoption openness that you’re comfortable with (whether it’s open, semi-open, or closed);
  • You can receive letters and pictures of the baby and/or ongoing visits as a part of your adoption plan;
  • You can receive letters and pictures of the baby even without choosing an open adoption.

The choices are yours.

No matter what type of adoption you select you will always be able to receive:

  • Free counseling;
  • Help with medical bills and other pregnancy expenses;
  • The ability to speak with other birth parents and/or adoptees to learn about their personal experiences;
  • An invitation to participate in our support groups;
  • A connection to our post-adoption support division, Family STAR.