Bringing Attention to the Need for Adoptive Families

A recent article discusses how an abandoned baby inspired a campaign to promote the adoption of children in foster care.

1You may have seen the rather extensive media coverage in November of 2015 regarding a newborn baby that was abandoned and found in a New York City church (in the manager of the church’s nativity scene, no less). If you missed the story, you can find it here:

Healthy Newborn Found Abandoned in Nativity Scene at a Queens Church

As a follow up story to this rather unusual event, the New York Times published a fantastic article in their December 20, 2015 edition of their paper written by Kirk Semple. You can find the article here:

Abandoned Baby Found at Queens Church Inspires Adoption Campaign

We think it’s wonderful that officials from the agency responsible for overseeing foster care services for the baby in question took the opportunity to visit the church, thank the parishioners for their role in rescuing the baby, and actively encouraged church members to consider becoming foster parents.

The need is undeniable, as there are some 11,000 children in New York City’s foster care system.