Brothers in Eastern Europe Waiting for an Adoptive Family

International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery shares information on a sibling group in need of an adoptive family.
R and M are a boy girl sibling group who are 10 and 13 years old. These two live together with a foster family in Eastern Europe. These healthy, older children are shy but communicate well with adults and peers alike. They demonstrate good self-care skills and independence for their age, help around the house with chores, and are reported to interact with others in a way that demonstrates that they want to do well.

R & M are ready to be matched with a family now. We have medical and social histories plus photos of these children. If your family is looking to adopt a sibling group, please consider contacting to learn more about how this pair of school-aged children might be the perfect fit for your family.

We are happy to share with you more information about these siblings, any of the other waiting children we are advocating for right now, or our international adoption services in general.

To learn more see our website: International Adoption