“Buzzy Makes Malcolm Brave”: A Video by STAR Family Teresa Schoell and Her Son Malcolm

Adoption STAR family makes video for BUZZY: A Pain Relief System for Kids

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Teresa Schoell a Child Life Specialist created a video of her son Malcolm to promote BUZZY, a product that helps kids get shots stress-free! Buzzy uses natural pain relief to confuse a child’s nerves and distract attention away from the poke. The STAR of the video is Malcolm born in 2006. We had a short interview with Malcolm’s Mom, Tereasa.

Malcolm and I have made a video to enter in a contest with a very sweet prize. It is for a product we believe in deeply (both personally and professionally.) He is a top contender. Winners are based on highest number of views on Facebook and on YouTube.

Did you make this video?
Yes! I made the video. Malcolm did the voice over.

What inspired you to have this video made?
The makers of Buzzy are having a contest. We’re hoping to win some money for Malcolm’s college fund!

What does this video promote?
A fabulous product that makes needles less painful for kids. It is called Buzzy. (tons of fabulous info available at their website – www.buzzy4shots.com

Why do you feel strongly about this product?
I love Buzzy both personally and professionally. As a Child Life Specialist, I use Buzzy at work to help children and youth experience less pain, and less anxiety when they have to get a needle. I love the way it empowers kids to feel more in control, and helps staff to feel proactive in making the hospital experience less frightening for children. As a Mom, I love Buzzy because it makes medical experiences easier for Malcolm. Whether he is getting a flu shot or a blood draw, Malcolm feels braver and more competent in the medical setting. Buzzy is an important part of how we are teaching Malcolm to be an active participant in his own healthcare, and to build a positive relationship with his healthcare team.

Malcolm is a STAR baby. What was a memorable experience about his adoption?
We loved all the education that Adoption STAR provided us, especially around transracial adoption and open adoption. It really opened our minds and hearts to a broader experience, and prepared us to welcome not only Malcolm into our family, but also embrace an ongoing and highly interactive relationship with his “B-Ma” (what he calls his birthmom) and his birth brothers!

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