The Call – Part 1

IMG_2322There are very few moments in life in which every detail is etched into our memories. Maybe you can remember what song was playing on the radio, what you were wearing, how the air smelled or actually feel the butterflies in your stomach. The moments we remember with this level of clarity are often the ones in which our lives change drastically and/or suddenly. Though years may pass, you can go back to these times and feel the emotion as if it were happening all over again. Recently, we asked some of our adoptive families to tell us about their experiences getting “The Call”- and wow did we receive an overwhelming response! There are so many stories to share that we will publish them in a series of blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading as so many families reminisce about these very special times.

Jennifer was at work. All things important seem to happen at work for me. When our child’s birthmom called to say she was being induced, I was on lunch working out. I got so excited trying to get changed and get out of work that I accidentally flung a piece of my workout clothing into the toilet! It was great- I laughed so hard that I was then able to calm down and focus!

Tiffany was at home with her husband. We had just experienced a failed match not even four weeks prior. Lisa called me to say that she had actually already shown our profile to an expectant mother, and that she “just had to meet” us. We drove to Buffalo a few days later too meet her. We felt like the meeting went well, but we knew she was supposed to meet another couple. We were still very guarded after losing a baby boy the moth before. But the day after the meeting, Lisa called back to say that she had chosen us! I immediately called my husband at work. Lots of tears, for sure! Our daughter was born just over two months later!

Molly was in a suit and heels in downtown Cincinnati waiting for a hearing to start. I had turned the phone off over night to try and get a good night’s sleep, convinced that I wouldn’t miss anything. I went to turn the phone on but on silent and noticed I had missed 3 calls and 2 text messages one of which said, COME TO THE HOSPITAL! It was the best day of my life. I ran down two city blocks in those heels, got my car from the garage (where the guys waived my parking fee because I was in utter panic mode) and I drove to Middletown (a 45 minute drive) in 20 minutes…on the phone the entire way and freaking out the entire time!

Jess was at a hotel in Orlando for her best friend’s wedding. It was such perfect timing that we were where we were because our son’s birthmom was also in central Florida and wanted to meet us the next day. With our second child, I was at work.

Guenevere was at home awaiting a callback from her husband, who she had just paged at work. I wanted to tell him I had just been hired for a new job that would allow me to work from home once we got “the call.” Less than a minute later, the phone rang. I answered, “Hey, babe…,” thinking it was my husband. It was Sara, calling about an 8 day-old baby boy!

Meghann was at home, both times, working. The second call was a complete surprise. It was a Saturday afternoon the call made my heart leap into my throat because I was afraid something had happened to J’s first mother, because why else would STAR be calling me on a Saturday afternoon? But they were actually calling to tell us Asher had been born & that D wanted to know if we would adopt him!

Amy was traveling to West Seneca for work. I pulled over in a CVS parking lot to finish the call. As soon as I walked into work I burst into tears. Co-workers were concerned until they found out why. I met my son and his birthmom 3 days later!

Dina was at work in the ICU, when her husband showed up. He announced, “how would you like to go pick up our son tomorrow?” I cried and so did the staff. Within 5 mins the whole Hospital knew. Tony got the call at home and came to work to surprise me. We picked our son up On Christmas Eve! We surprised our whole family. The best Christmas gift we ever received.

Amanda had her arms full, trying to put the alarm code in at her office, heading out to get groceries on her way home from work. When my cell phone rang, I literally dropped everything to answer it. I then had to unlock everything I had just locked up to find a pen and paper to write it all down. I was taking it as just another profiling call and then partway through, she mentioned that we’d already been picked. This was one of those cases where the decision had to be made knowing our preferences without having the time to check with us first. I had to ask for clarification a couple of times that, yes, we’d already been picked! I was having a hard time wrapping my head around it in that moment, and then called my husband in a very dazed state.

Sarah was home with her wife, relaxing. My mom had just mailed our renewal out & my wife just came back up from starting laundry when we were told we were chosen! I immediately started to cry & I think I screamed! I had to give Angela the phone because I couldn’t even tell her. It was one of the happiest days.

Kim was at work. I was a fairly new hire, only there for about three months. The call went something like this, “there was a beautiful baby boy born yesterday in Indianapolis, would you like to be profiled” She proceeded to tell me what little info she knew. Number one, that he was healthy and going to be discharged “tomorrow”! Of course I said yes and proceeded to get ahold of my husband at his plant (not the easiest task). After a couple of hours, we learned that the birth mom chosen us!!! I was our very first time being profiled! We couldn’t drive to Indiana fast enough. We got to meet and hold our miracle boy when he was only two days old. Oh, and I got to stay home with him for seven months before returning back to work. We truly became parents overnight. The best experience ever!

Jennifer was at Wegmans. No wonder I love that store!

Micheal was dropping off food for STAR’s food drive. Shannon called us into her office to tell us we had been chosen. I thought she was joking!!!!

Judy was at work. My husband was stationed in Iraq and I was able to call him on the phone and tell him he was coming home to be a Dad!!

Catherine was at work and just decided to call STAR to check in. They said, “Oh we were just going to call you. Your profile was selected.” Can you imagine!? For our daughter, I was in my car driving to see my best friend whose baby I had helped deliver just two days prior. I pulled into a parking lot and my life forever changed!

Cheryl was leaving work. It was a Friday evening around and I was about to leave the building when the phone rang. It was Michele on the phone! She told us that we had been chosen and the baby was due tomorrow, which was an extra shock because we didn’t even know we were being profiled. I was carrying all kinds of bags and things and was in the middle of the hallway at work. I asked if she could call back in a few minutes so I could run up to my office, put everything down, and grab some paper and a pen. Our perfect boy was born 13 days later!

As you can see, “The Call” can truly come anywhere and at any time!

Stay tuned for more stories about our clients getting “The Call”.