Celebrity Adoption: Viola Davis

Actress Viola Davis, who is nominated for an Oscar for her role in the movie “The Help” recently became a mother for the first time with the adoption of her daughter Genesis.

Davis, who is 46 years old, told CNN that she realized she wanted to make a bigger impact with her life, which led to her and husband Julius Tennon, to consider adoption.

“It’s got to be about something bigger and larger, especially when half of your life is already gone,” Davis said in the CNN article. “You look back and you think, ‘what are you leaving behind? What are the true joys of your life?’ And for me it was a child.”

There are many reasons to consider growing your family through adoption, if you are an adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent, what were some of your decision factors when considering adoption?

You can read the full CNN article by clicking here.