Chinese Adoptees Returning to their Birth Country

There have been many stories in recent years about the corrupt adoption process in China, so it’s always nice to see a an article with a more positive message about Chinese adoptions. CNN recently published a feature on three families who have adopted from China and brought their children back to their birth country to visit their birth-land.

Two of the families did this while their kids were five and six years old respectively. Jenna Murphy, one of the parents interviewed in the story, said that her family was going back to China so that her daughter would think of the country in a positive light.

One of the adoptees featured in the story, Maia, is now 18 and was adopted by her family when she was seven. Maia did not return to China until 2011, and said in the article that it was a difficult experience visiting her orphanage. However, when she graduates from high school, she is looking forward to returning to the country for a year to volunteer at an orphanage as a way of giving back for the life she now has.

One important aspect of the adoption journey that all three families featured seemed to understand, is that it’s important to speak to your children openly about their adoption journey and to celebrate their birth culture. This can be done by cooking traditional meals, celebrating cultural holidays, taking classes or workshops on cultural traditions/language, and many more ideas.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate your child’s culture, you can contact your Adoption STAR Family Advocate for new ideas, or contact the agency directly by email or toll-free at 1(866)691-3300.

To read the full CNN article, please click here.