CEO and Founder Michele Fried found this sweet nugget on her facebook page. She asked Holly Saxe if we could share the post she wrote about the day she and her husband found out that they had been chosen as adoptive parents. If you would like to share with us the story of the day you got the call, please submit your story to to


Meet Hope

One year ago today, it was just another day at work, getting to the end of the day. I got a call from the adoption agency and was told that Hope’s birth parents had chosen A.J. and I to adopt their baby. Music to my ears! So many emotions hit me at once…humbled and honored that they chose us out of 11 couples. Disbelief, excitement, pure happiness and a dream come true. It was truly one of the best days of my life. I ran across the third floor of the Hall of Justice waving my arms and yelling that we were getting a baby for Christmas!! LOL! I ran right to my bud, Katie and all the gals in the DV courtroom to tell the news. I then realized, I need to tell A.J.!!! But that was not news to be told over the phone so I raced home like a maniac, ran in the door, stood in front of him and said “Guess WHAT??” “what?” he replied, looking at me like I was nuts, “we got picked for the baby!!!” Lots of tears and hugs followed. So much to do and 6 only weeks to prepare! I don’t think I slept much at all in those 6 weeks…so much anticipation, so much to do and so much excitement (in fact, I haven’t slept much since that day haha!). Worth every penny spent, everything we went through that lead us to our beautiful Hope. Our ray of sunshine. She has brought so much joy to our lives, I can’t even describe it. She was truly meant to be our little girl and I will always believe the path that lead us to her was meant to be.

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