Come Behind the Scenes to Meet Development Associate Kristin Ackerman

Adoption STAR Founder & CEO Michele Fried, applauds the hard work and dedication of our Development Associate Kristin Ackerman.

Michele Fried

Sometimes the hardest workers are behind the scenes… for example a well-planned event usually means that the attendees weren’t involved in the planning which probably means they don’t know the hard work that went into creating such an event. Most events, even if they are small take months to plan.

For years Adoption STAR employees in addition to their already packed job descriptions took a role in the planning of events. It was difficult and even if the event was deemed a success, it took a lot out of all of us and it was hard to enjoy the event. While we certainly still pitch in, we are thrilled to be working with someone on our team whose job it is to plan events for Adoption STAR.

Kristin Ackerman who is often behind the scenes, is a Development Associate at Adoption STAR. In addition to event planning, Kristin works on Fundraising, Public Relations, Marketing and Community Engagement, Volunteer Recruitment and Volunteer Training.

Kristing Ackerman

Since her joining Adoption STAR, Kristin assisted the agency’s main office as we moved into our new building, and single handedly worked with Steel Crazy, a local company to create the magnificent metal family tree that adorns the front entrance of our building. The branches and leaves can be engraved in celebration, in honor and in memory of loved ones. Kristin planned the new building’s open house in Buffalo and assisted our Ohio staff in the open house of our new office in Cincinnati as well!

Visit our main office to see the tile table Kristin created.

Today Kristin is planning several events, some of them are our Annual Adoptive Family Picnic (Sunday, August 11, 2013, 1:00 pm at Ellicott Creek Park, Tonawanda, NY, Shelters 10A and 10B), Shining Star Event (Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 5:00 pm at the Statler City,) and would you believe The Agency’s fifteenth Birthday Party to be held in May 2015! (Stay tuned!)

Additionally, Kristin hosts volunteer days, recruits volunteers for administrative and other projects, and is currently working with Lin, a business student intern and her Marketing and Development coworkers on a web-based management program that the agency is looking forward to launch in the near future!

We would love you to Volunteer or Get Involved with Kristin and her work at the agency.

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