Continued Support For the Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Tax Credit Is Made Permanent, but Not Refundable.

Adoption STAR has had a commitment to raising awareness of the Adoption Tax Credit and has worked to urge all those involved to advocate for change. Please see Saving the Adoption Tax Credit and Do Your Part to Help Save The Adoption Tax Credit created by Adoption STAR staff on the subject.

To further this effort for change, a letter (download here) has been created by the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group geared towards families, workers, and clients to send to their fellow Senators and Representatives between Monday April 15th and April 30th.

I urge you to take a look at the letter and see that it is written to offer thanks, support and request re-instatement of the refundable provision of the AdoptionTax Credit to help create more forever families.

To know who to send the letter to, please use this link for NYS and other surrounding areas

Thank you so much for your continued support and advocacy to such a good cause for the adoption community.

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