Creating a Birth Plan

6a0133f30ae399970b0192aa68306b970dFor an expectant woman that’s making an adoption plan, the creation of a birth plan is an important step in the process.

Typically a birth plan is a written document that’s prepared by our expectant parent clients with the support of an Adoption STAR staff person, most typically Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw. It is provided to both the expectant parent’s hospital and obstetrician prior to her due date. Even though Adoption STAR will send the plan to the hospital, it is always a good idea for the expectant parent to bring a copy of the birth plan with her to the hospital. The birth plan always includes the name of the individual that will be the expectant parent’s support person for labor and delivery. Often times an Adoption STAR staff member can be present to support our clients during labor and delivery, so this is an option that can be considered.

For more information about what a typical birth plan entails, or to learn more about making an adoption plan, please contact our Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw at 716-639-3900 or 1-866-691-3300.