Creating Your Adoption Family Profile Book

The adoption profile book is a very important aspect to the adoption process. It allows the expectant parents to get a glimpse into the world of potential forever families for their child. It’s important that your profile stand out in one way or the other and to let your creative juices flow.

We have had families showcase their pets, or their love of nature or music, along with any other activity you can possibly think of. One way to make sure your profile is beautiful and creative is to have fantastic photos. This blog post from shows how important a great cover photo can be.

While we’re certainly not saying that you need to go out and hire a professional photographer for your profile, it is important that you take the time to create a profile book that accentuates the positives of your family. Showcase your personalities, use your favorite colors, and make a book that is distinctly yours, and have faith that there is a birth family that will connect with your photos and words.

While we ask for 5 copies of your profile book, so that we have copies to submit to expectant parents, we recommend that you allow friends, family or your adoption STAR Family Advocate to review the book before you make copies. This will help eliminate any errors or identifying information that you may have accidentally overlooked.

If you are also interested in creating an online profile for Adoption STAR, please visit the Family Albums section of our website for more information.

If you are a birth mother, who would be interested in sharing their thoughts, we would be very interested in hearing how you chose a profile. We’d also love to hear from adoptive families and potential adoptive families about their experiences with profile books.