Denise RIchards: Adopting as a Single Mother

Actress Denise Richards recently wrote a blog post for about adopting her daughter Eloise.

In the post Richards writes that “The process took two years and there were many times that I felt discouraged. But I always had faith that the baby would find us (my daughters and me.) I’ve always felt that children choose their parents, and Eloise found me a different way.”

It’s great to hear a celebrity speak about adoption in a realistic manner. It’s true that the adoption process can be lengthy and discouraging at times, but the key, as Richards said, is to remain positive and continue to look ahead to the ultimate goal of receiving placement of your child.

As for adopting as a single mother, Richards wrote that “I had always wanted to adopt and had always wanted more children. I needed to make a decision: Do I wait for the right partner, or move ahead with my life and do it on my own? I decided to do it on my own.”

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