Different Ways to Receive Adoption Support

A few weeks ago we asked everyone for adoption-related questions they would like to see answered on the blog. One of those questions pertained to “finding support and building a network during the adoption process AND after you have adopted your child.” This is a great topic and Adoption STAR prides itself on providing support to adoptive parents, adoptees and birth parents throughout their lifelong adoption journey.

Part of becoming “homes study ready” with Adoption STAR is taking our five-week adoption home study class. Not only do these classes prepare you for adoption and introduce you to many of the Adoption STAR staff members, but they give you a great opportunity to meet and speak with many prospective adoptive parents who have gone through and will be going through many of the same experiences as you. Often times the members of the class stay in touch outside of the “classroom” and support each other throughout their adoption journeys.

Your adoption STAR Family Advocate will also offer great support throughout the adoption process. They are available to you for any adoption-related question you may have, and can offer advice when needed. The family advocates will also be the ones calling you with profiling opportunities.

Another great way that Adoption STAR offers support for adoptive families throughout the adoption process are its support groups: SOFIA and A.C.E.

SOFIA stands for “Supporting Our Families Interested in Adoption” and is open to all adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents, whether they are Adoption STAR clients or not. For more information on SOFIA you can visit its website or email the support group

A.C.E. stands for “Adoptee Circle of Experience” and is for adoptees ages 18 and older. This group allows adult adoptees to share their experiences with other adoptees who share their journey.  For more information on A.C.E, you can email the support group.

Adoption STAR also has support groups for birth families with its Blue Rose group for birth mothers and its Birth Grandparent Support Group.

Last, but certainly not least, Adoption STAR looks to provide support to all members of the adoption journey through its blog and Facebook page. By going through the blog archives you will find several helpful posts on topics ranging from “creating your profile book” to “information on filing for your Adoption Tax Credit” If you are an expecting parent, you will find great support from the blog as well.

The Adoption STAR Facebook page gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from adoptive parents who have gone through or are currently going through many of the same experiences.

You can contact the agency at any time by emailing the agency or calling toll-free at 1-866-691-3300. If you’re in the Buffalo area our phone number is (716)639-3900.