Elly’s Angels

In 2009, the Western New York community suffered a devastating event: the crash of Continental Flight 3407: 50 lives were lost and our entire community still grieves with those families. It’s remarkable how the families came together to demand government-enforced reforms for airline safety and to also find special ways to remember these loved ones and memorialize their lives.

Laura Voigt, sister of the late Elly Kausner, approached Adoption STAR about remembering her dear sister. Elly was a 24-year old second year law student who was interested in adoption law and was devoted to her young niece and nephews. Elly’s family established Elly’s Angels Foundation to support the Ellyce Kausner Memorial Scholarship at Clarence High School and Adoption STAR’s special needs adoptions.

Cheerleaders from Sub Zero All Star Cheer Teams, including the Sub Zero Flurries (WNY’s only special needs cheerleading squad) are at the heart of the Foundation’s efforts. We are honored that Elly’s family sought out Adoption STAR and that our special needs adoptions have a special angel.

Children with special needs who benefit from future generous donations from this foundation will be known as Elly’s Angels. These Angels will be placed in a home where they can achieve their highest potential, receive all of the care and love that they deserve, and be provided with unique opportunities.