Ethnicity, Identity, and Adoption STAR

A recently published, compelling blog post by Elizabeth Connolly provides important commentary on transracial adoption.

092514As per the Huffington Post’s website, “Elizabeth Connolly is a former Progress 2050 intern at the Center for American Progress. She is currently pursuing a major in Sociology from Connecticut College, and is passionate about fostering a holistic understanding of inequality in America.”

Elizabeth is a Korean adoptee that was raised by Caucasian parents. Her point of view on race, ethnicity, and identity are insightful for adoptive parents and adoptees alike. Please read a recent blog post she authored for the Huffington Post by clicking on the following link: An Ethnicity Conversation Your Adoptive Child Wants You to Have

Lots of food for thought in this particular piece, including a fascinating perspective on “optional ethnicity” and the question, “is ethnicity really a choice for some transnational adoptees?”