Facing Uncomfortable Questions

A recent “Dear Abby” column in the Buffalo News may be of special interest to multiracial families, including families touched by transracial adoption.
This isn’t the first time adoption-related themes published in a “Dear Abby” column have been discussed via the Adoption STAR blog. For example, here’s a link to a 2014 blog post that was developed around a “Dear Abby” letter written by a birth grandmother:

Advice for Birth Grandparents

For the purposes of today’s blog post, we’re referring to a “Dear Abby” column that appeared in the Buffalo News on June 9, 2015. It’s entitled, “Dear Abby: Comebacks to biracial child queries.” You can read the piece in its entirety by clicking on the following link:

Dear Abby: Comebacks to biracial child queries

As evidenced by this piece, there are a variety of different approaches that adults take when it comes to addressing questions about the race and/or ethnicity of their child (or even grandchild). If your family has been on the receiving end of curious questions from people you don’t know (and perhaps even people that you do know), we’d love to hear how you’ve dealt with these situations! Visit the Adoption STAR Facebook page and write a comment that describes your approach to these often times uncomfortable situations.