A Family for Every Child

1111Although our agency is full of seasoned adoption professionals, there is always the opportunity for additional learning. As a former teacher herself, Adoption STAR CEO/Founder Michele Fried understands the power and value of education.

Our prospective adoptive families are required to show proof of a commitment to adoption education during their home study process. However, prospective adoptive parents aren’t the only ones that are expected to read, learn and grow. Quite regularly, Michele will forward adoption-related articles, research studies, or the like to all Adoption STAR staff for reading. In late June of 2014, Michele shared the following link with staff: Why a ‘family for every child’ policy agenda is needed

Click on the link yourself and give it a read. Several of the staff was quite impressed by what this young woman had to say about the importance of “A Family for Every Child” policy. As our Director of Adoption Kathy Crissey put it, “What an amazingly bright young woman! She speaks volumes….”