Family STAR Logo Contest

Adoption STAR LogoDo you have an inner artist or designer waiting to come out? Here is your chance to let it shine.

Family STAR needs a logo and we are offering YOU the chance to design it!

Family STAR is a subsidiary of Adoption STAR and is focused on assisting Adoption STAR clients and individuals and families in the Western New York community with their post adoption needs.

Logo Requirements:

  1. We would like the logo to contain the words Family STAR.
  2. Must be able to be resized or enlarged.
  3. We would like the logo to be of only one color.
  4. Please send the logo in JPEG format.

Other than that, let your imagination soar!

Having trouble getting started?

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Have a star in it, like the Adoption STAR logo.
  • Include graphic images of a family.
  • Include a tree, roots or branches as these are often symbols of families and/or adoption.

Those are all just ideas, please feel free to use your own thoughts and impressions to determine your design. You can send them to by April 9th. Thank you for your interest and efforts!

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* Winner’s design may be modified by the sponsor.

* Any logo design submitted will become the exclusive property of Adoption STAR.

* Adoption STAR is granted full and unlimited reproduction rights to the logo submission.