Family Trees ~ A Real Tree For Every New Arrival

Michele FriedAdoption STAR Founder & CEO Michele Fried discusses a Canadian adoption project and the Adoption STAR’s affection for the family tree metaphor.

I was drawn to an article recently about, "Rewarding child’s arrival with a tree" primarily because Adoption STAR loves the symbolism of "trees" when referencing adoption and family.

A Canadian city decided to provide a tree to a family upon the arrival of a child, via birth or adoption.

They reported that the initiative was created to demonstrate a desire to see future generations develop a strong sense of belonging to the city, and that the children will be able to see their tree grow, and in addition it allows for the beautification of their community.

Parents are even able to choose from a selection of species of trees, including white pine, red oak, white oak, or pear. Additionally, the child’s arrival is recognized on an official certificate, signed by the Mayor.

What a beautiful project! And see Adoption STAR’s Family Tree by clicking on the picture pf the tree below:

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