Feeding Your Baby

In this two-part article, Adoption STAR will explore breastfeeding and formula feeding the adopted newborn.

The first part of this article, we will address the topic of Breastfeeding Your Adopted Infant

This month alone there has been two very different articles on the Internet with two very different viewpoints on Breasting Your Adopted Infant. Obviously it is a very personal decision, one that many didn’t even know was possible.

In the first article adoptive mom, Catherine, states, “I wanted him to feel that bond — that closeness and skin-to-skin, to help him feel comforted. Not being pregnant, and not knowing what he felt like in the womb beforehand … I wanted that physical connection with him afterward.”

In the second article, the blogger who is a prospective adoptive mom hoping to adopt writes, “There is more to motherhood than breastfeeding.”

Adoptive parents are often surprised to hear that they may be able to breastfeed their adopted newborn. However, since preparations need to be made well in advance of bringing home a baby, this option is not always explored.

For more information on adoptive breastfeeding you can check out this books and websites:


Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby
Debra Stewart Peterson
Corona Publishing Company, 1995

Some people are surprised to find out that you do not need to have been pregnant in order to breast-feed. This book gives practical information and emotional support to breastfeed an adopted baby.

Nursing Your Adopted Baby
Kathryn Anderson
La Leche League International, 1986

The Nursing Mother’s Companion 6th Edition
Kathleen Higgins
Though not specific to adoptive nursing, it is an excellent resource book for breast feeding.

Adoption STAR Baby Care Manual

This book has been created by Adoption STAR just for the adoptive parent! It will introduce you to the beginning steps of caring for your new baby. While there are many “how to care for your baby books” available, there are none that are written specifically for the adoptive parent until now!

When You Are Matched…A Step Along Your Adoption Journey
This book has been created by Adoption STAR for those who are prospective adoptive parents matched with a pregnant woman and awaiting the birth of their child or who are waiting and hoping to adopt. It is a pre-placement baby care and preparedness book just for the prospective adoptive parent.

Internet Support:

Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Website

Adoption and Breastfeeding Information and Support

Adoptive Breastfeeding Information from the La Leche League

The Care Connection ~ Lactation and Wellness Center (located in Amherst, NY)

Bonding and Adoptive Parenthood

Additional Resources

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