Finding Families For Children, Not Children For Families

The Agency’s philosophy is to work in the best interest of children and to find forever families for children, not children for families.

It is an important distinction. The applicant(s) do not pay The Agency to find him/her/them a baby/child. The Agency’s role is to provide the support, training, advocacy and resources that lead to placement opportunities for applicants, but at no time guarantees a placement of a child.

The Agency appreciates that both the decision to adopt and the process of adoption can be difficult for many individuals and families. The adoption process is very often filled with moments of hope, as well as moments of disappointment. Applicants who view the process as discouraging or have an overall negative view of the process are more likely to feel unhappy and unsuccessful in the program. Planning for the possibility that plans will change is a key element to keeping calm and stress free while going through the adoption process. Applicants who remain optimistic and view the adoption process as a journey filled with learning experiences are more apt to feeling happy and successful in the program.

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