Fox’ X-Factor Contestant Reunites with Birth Mother Through Show

David Correy is a singing contestant on the X-Factor and said part of the reason he auditioned is that he hopes the show will give him the opportunity to re-connect with his birth mother. Correy was adopted from Brazil at the age of “one or two” and auditioned hoping the show would appear in Brazil and his birth mother would recognize him.

Correy recently made it to the final 16 of the show, and it is now being reported that his birth mother watched the show in Brazil and “had a feeling” that David was her son. According to a Huffington Post article, when Luciene Lima saw the show and David’s baby photos she contacted the adoption agency she went through as well as the court system and confirmed her hunch that David was her son.

According to the article Lima then contacted the media to tell her story and one of the reporters contacted Correy in America to share the news. The article said that a DNA test has not been performed yet, however “everything else matches, including the birth certificate, the orphanage Correy came from and the timeline.”

This is an amazing story and it’s great to see what seems to be a happy ending. Social Media and new technology now offer many more opportunities for adoption searches, and it’s important that before you begin an adoption search, that you speak with your family and loved ones, as well as an adoption counselor. Speaking  about all of the possible outcomes of the adoption search and what you are looking to gain from the possible relationship can prepare you for the range of emotions you are sure to feel throughout the process. Should you have any questions about the adoption search process, please feel free to contact Adoption STAR by phone at (866)691-3300, email, or visit the agency website.

To watch David’s first audition on the X-Factor, where he expressed his hopes his birth mother would be watching, please watch the video below. To read the full Huffington Post article, please click here.