Frequently Asked Adoption Questions

Adoption STAR has Frequently Asked Question pages for Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents, and International Adoption. One question we receive a lot from prospective adoptive parents is “Who are the birth parents/ Who places their child(ren) for adoption?” and we often are asked a similar question by expecting parents; “Who adopts children?” This blog post aims to answer these two questions. If you have any adoption question that is not listed in any of the FAQ pages, you may contact Adoption STAR by email or phone at 1(866)691-3300 and we will do our best to provide you with an in-depth answer.

Who are the Birth Parents/Who places their child(ren) for adoption?

Birth parents are individuals of all ages, races and backgrounds making difficult decisions on behalf of themselves and their child(ren.) Pregnant women working with Adoption STAR are known as expecting mothers instead of birth mothers. All expectant parents work with an individual caseworker who will be available to them around the clock. Expecting parents receive both pre-and-post counseling services, as well as help with arranging: transportation, prenatal care, visits, coverage of medical expenses and general adoption counseling and education.

Adoption STAR teaches expectant parents about the adoption process and helps them prepare an adoption plan for their child. The caseworker will discuss many alternatives and resources that are available to pregnant women and encourage them to seek out her many options. Expecting parents should be actively involved in the decision making process. It is extremely important and essential to allow expectant parents to choose the type of family and environment they wish their child to be raised in.

Not all expectant parents want to be involved in the process of choosing a family; however, some are very excited that they have the opportunity to choose a path for their child. Everyone is different and each adoption journey is different. It’s important to tailor the adoption experience to fit the needs and desires of the expecting parent.

Who Adopts Children

All different people adopt children. Many adoptive parents are married couples, while others are single. Adoption STAR works with prospective adoptive parents of all races, sexual orientation and marital status. Some prospective adoptive parents are childless and some have a child or children already.

Any family interested in adopting must go through a training process and be approved by Adoption STAR. Adoptive parents must meet with social workers and go through criminal history and child abuse checks. They must all supply medical and financial information and display a stable home environment.

Prospective adoptive parents must be stable, responsible, love and caring adults.