From Bulgaria ~ Looking for a Forever Family

From our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery on a Bulgarian boy named Drake. Bulgaria has many children waiting to have that forever family, that connection of love, and we at STAR are committed to helping to make that happen!


Drake will soon be 5 years old. For the last 5 years, since he was about one month old, his home has been an orphanage near Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

Drake has some unique physical features due do to Freeman-Sholden Syndrome; a condition that primarily affects the face, hands, and feet. He receives physical therapy regularly, for his muscle hypotonia, which has greatly improved his physical strength. He now manipulates himself in his wheelchair or walker and attempts to pull himself up and even crawl, as he plays with other children and adults.

Drake never ceases to have a smile. He enjoys playing with different kinds of toys that enable him to use his hands, as he is curious to how things work. His laughter is contagious as he makes all those around him giddy.

Drake has made improvements to his emotional, social, and speech development as he integrates different toys, activities, and sounds into his daily routine. He pronounces combinations of sounds and has even ventured to repeat different words. He understands more than he is able to illustrate.

He tries to be as independent as he can. He regularly drinks well from a cup on his own, and makes attempts to eat with a spoon.

We are so impressed by his attempts to grow in his development and maintain such a fervent passion to do more and more. This determined little boy is waiting for a forever family who
is as determined as he is to help him grow to his full potential.

Adoption STAR has more detailed medical and growth information, including photos and video on Drake that we can show to a family.

We know that somewhere out there is the forever family Drake has been waiting for!

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