Girl Scouts Support Adoption STAR through Volunteer Efforts

0459 donate time out of their day to help us tackle some projects.   Among the Girl Scout troop leaders is Adoption STAR adoptive mom Teri Caldwell, whose daughter Gabi is a scout member. The 4.5 hours the girls spent at STAR went by quickly and the girls were excellent company. While at the office, the troop organized donated toys, assembled Adoptive Parent gift bags and Birth Parent outreach bags, and organized folders for STAR orientation sessions.   The troop is working hard to achieve their Silver Award and we have no doubt they’ll accomplish that goal. We are so honored that they’ve decided to continue supporting Adoption STAR by creating their very own Adoptive Parent gift bags for STAR families, an effort funded in part by their annual cookie sales fundraiser. We are so excited and can hardly wait until this wonderful bunch of girls heads back to the office on April 18th for some more volunteer efforts. Click here to learn more about volunteering with us at Adoption STAR.]]>