Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomerymeganmontgomery discusses how the particulars of a culture can inspire those seeking to adopt internationally choose a country.

This ethnically Hungarian dish is a childhood memory of mine. I have no clue why this particular meal has left such an imprint in my memory, considering that my family is not ethnically Hungarian, my mother (who is a fabulous cook by the way) made MANY diverse meals all of the time, and I don’t eat meat, which is a primary ingredient in goulash. But, the sweet smell of goulash as it cooked on the stove-top has forever been implanted in my brain.

I have not thought much about this dish in years. Now, that I am part of the Hungary adoption program at Adoption STAR I know that goulash is a traditional Hungarian dish. And my fond memory of it is about my only connection to Hungarian culture.

suzannehungariangoulashMany families come to Adoption STAR with an interest in adoption, but unsure of the country program they want to adopt through or how to choose one. There are many factors that will come in to play when making such a big decision. However, I have seen that often when I have asked a family why they chose a particular country program for their adoption, their reasons include that they felt a connection or particular interest to the culture of that country. The link can be something big, like having lived in a country and immersed in it’s culture for part of your life, or it can be something smaller, like having vacationed in a particular country and “falling in love with it”. And I wonder, maybe it could even be so small as having fond memories of goulash?

While an interest in a country might start small, it will grow to be very large. Two important things prospective adoptive families will need are respect for and an investment in learning more about the country from which they adopt and it’s culture.

Maybe you have never thought about adopting from Hungary, but maybe you haven’t found your connection yet. Let me ask you – are you interested in learning more about the country and it’s people? Can you embrace Hungary and make it part of your family’s culture? If so, it might deserve a spot on the list of countries you are considering as you pursue international adoption.

Consider making a list of countries/cultures you are particularly interested in for whatever reason –then start to learn more about those country programs to find out if the eligibility requirements and process work for your family too. This might be a way that works for you to start what is sometimes an overwhelming search for the country program that will be the best fit for your family.

Hungary is an Eastern European country, participating in Intercountry adoption to the US for over ten years.

Adoption STAR has been working within Hungary since 2009. You can read more about our program here: http://adoptionstar.com/child-placement/international/hungary/

Hungary Fast Facts:

  • Number of Adoptions: 2012 there were 24 adoptions from Hungary to the US
  • Hague Accredited: Yes
  • Estimated Total Cost: $30,000
  • Profile of Children: most children 4years and up, single children and sibling groups
  • Parent Ages: The younger member of an adoptive couple must be no more than 45 years older than the child
  • Prospective Family Status: Married couples preferred.
  • Travel: One trip, 30 -40 days. Adopting parents must travel to Hungary to meet the child for the first week, before receiving temporary custody of the child for about one month. Both parents must also be present at the end of the custody period to finalize the adoption
  • Timeline: Adopting parents may wait up to several years before being matched.
  • Post Placement: Hungarian authorities require two post-placement reports: after two months and after one year of the adoption
  • Helpful Links: US Embassy Budapest, Department of State Hungary Page, Central Authority in Hungary

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