Help Me Help You…A Third Time

Maybe my love for Jerry Maguire trends a little bit to the extreme, but I can’t help it; every time I see the movie on a cable channel I’m sucked in. Now that Cuba Gooding Jr. is making another comeback with the movie Red Tails, it seems like as good time as any to ask all of you…’How can we help you?’

– Is there a specific adoption topic that you would like us to focus more on?
– Is there an adoption question that you would like answered?
– What type of podcasts would you like to listen to?
– Who would be interested in participating in a live Webinar with an adoption expert?
– What type of Facebook/Twitter posts are you most interested in?

These are just some of the topics that we would like to hear from you on. Please contact us in the comment section of the blog or Facebook or you can email alex@adoptionstar.comr

Thanks for all of your help!