How Has Adoption Touched YOUR life?

With over 780 placements in its 15 years of existence, Adoption STAR has amassed a lot of great stories. We hope you’ll consider sharing yours.

We’d like to invite you to share your Adoption STAR story today! Once we receive and review it, we’ll post it on the brand new “Stories” section of the agency’s website. You’ll find many powerful pieces written by Adoption STAR clients (and their families), agency staff (past and present), and more. It’s easy to do – simply click on the link below to submit your story!

Submit Your Story!

If you’d like to read the stories that have already been submitted as a part of this project, click on the link below:

Experiences of Clients in their Own Words

We look forward to receiving your story and sharing it via our website. Adoption STAR has touched the lives of so many individuals and families; we truly believe these stories are well worth sharing.