I recently gave birth to a baby boy – but I still would love to adopt

Adopting While Pregnant?

You are almost home study ready and approved to adopt (or you have been waiting to adopt for some time)…

And then…

You find out you’re pregnant!

Pregnancy may have been the last thing on your mind as you have been entrenched in the adoption process.

Because you feel you have waited forever to be parents and whether your pregnancy may or may not be at risk, you are wondering what you do about the adoption process (now that you may have become really excited about adopting)?

What do we do?
Tell your agency.
It is important to be honest and share what you are going through. Your agency has a wealth of experience with this!

Is it feasible to be pregnant and also adopt a child?
It is not impossible. It has happened before. But it is not typically recommended.

Consider the physical, emotional and financial aspects of being pregnant and considering adoption. Consider that your family is now different. You are now expectant parents. Your home study did not address this pregnancy, before you know it, you will give birth and your home study requires updating as a new little person resides in the house.

Consider also the preferences of the birth parents. Does your profile say you are pregnant? How might the birth family feel about selecting a family already expecting a birth child?

If you have a history of pregnancy losses, the best advice is to place the adoption process on hold. If the pregnancy is not considered at risk, then it is best to withdraw from the adoption process.

Our recommendation is to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Focus on the baby that is growing and will make you parents.

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Adoption does not have to be put on the shelf forever, but at least during this time.