The Impact of the Film Philomena

Today’s blog post encourages readers to learn more about the Academy Award nominated film Philomena, starring Judi Dench.

philomenaNew York Times Film Critic Stephen Holden says the following in his review of the film Philomena:

“In ‘Philomena,’ Judi Dench’s portrayal of a stubborn, kindhearted Irish Catholic trying to discover what became of the toddler she was forced to give up as a teenager is so quietly moving that it feels lit from within. A major theme of this film from Stephen Frears is forgiveness. Ms. Dench’s Philomena Lee glows with the radiance of someone serene in her faith despite inhumane treatment by the church. That she makes you believe her character has the capacity to forgive provides the movie with a solid moral center.”

We thought it was appropriate to develop a blog post about this film, as the Academy Awards were just a few days ago (and the film was nominated for four of them). Adoption-related films are always of great interest to the staff here at Adoption STAR, and Philomena certainly falls into this category.

To read more about Philomena, please check out the following links to articles from the Boston Globe, Time Magazine, and Politico.

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