The Importance of Birth Parent Counseling

Birth parents benefit from guidance and support while in the midst of making an adoption plan.14202797-stress-bei-der-schwangeren-frau-probleme-traurig-depressiv-frau

“Looking back, I think I should have gotten counseling when the whole idea of placing my child first entered my head. I think I would have been better off. I placed so long ago. I don’t feel like I’ve really dealt with my feelings the way I could have…and probably should have.”

This quote is from a birth mother, and it poignantly speaks to several important realities for pregnant individuals that are making an adoption plan, including:

  • The adoption process is inherently full of ups and downs for pregnant individuals who are looking to make an adoption plan. Having an experienced professional in your corner to provide support, advocacy, and resources during the pregnancy can go a long way towards helping a sometimes-bumpy road feel a little less bumpy.
  • Adoption plans can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of the pregnant client. It’s impossible to fully know all of your adoption planning options without thoroughly exploring them through counseling.
  • Talking to birth mothers about their experiences with adoption planning allows a pregnant person to gain wisdom, insight, and understanding from someone who has literally walked in their shoes. Adoption STAR can provide pregnant individuals with the names and contact information for birth mothers that have placed children for adoption.
  • You’re entitled to ask for the help you actually need, so don’t be afraid to verbalize it. It can be more traditional counseling that allows for exploration of your thoughts, feelings and opinions. It can be practical guidance and information regarding the various steps in the adoption planning process. It can be having a shoulder cry on or a listening ear to provide emotional support and understanding. It can be none of these things…or it can be all of these things. The choice is up to you!

Whether you’re a healthcare or helping professional that provides services to pregnant patients or a pregnant person that’s in the midst of an unexpected or unintended pregnancy, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about the counseling services Adoption STAR offers. For more information, contact Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw ( or Birth Family Advocate Stephanie Velez ( by e-mail or by calling 1-866-691-3300.