In The News: Safe Haven Laws

A recently published book that critiques Safe Haven laws has resulted in a wide-ranging dialogue regarding pregnancy options, services to pregnant women, adoption, and more.

Laury Oaks, is the University of California – Santa Barbara’s feminist studies department chair. She has written a recent book entitled Giving Up Baby: Safe Haven Laws, Motherhood, and Reproductive Justice.

Reviewers and readers of the book have had lots to say about it, and each individual reader’s commentary about the book is (to no one’s surprise) heavily influenced by their own personal values and beliefs regarding adoption, abortion, women’s rights, child welfare, etc.

While all 50 states have some version of a Safe Haven law on the books, there are consistencies in how the how is applied from state to state, as well as differences. Regardless, it’s an undoubtedly a politically/ethically/morally-charged issue that countries around the world are dealing with (or attempting to deal with) in a wide variety of ways.

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