International Adoption Update: Congo

The Congolese government’s two year ban on Americans and Europeans adopting children born in their country is getting an increased amount of attention, and rightfully so.

240_F_64314078_i9bcoIZ6SCk782OjevVGji9csccadWsCA September 29th, 2015 article in the Washington Times is entitled, Congo still blocking Europeans, Americans from adopting. You can read the article in its entirety by clicking on the following link: Congo still blocking Americans, Europeans from adopting

According to the author, a bit over one thousand adoptions that were slated for approval in Congo were halted when the government-sponsored ban took hold in late September of 2013. Since that time, many families (including several hundred American families) that were matched with Congolese children in need of a home have been rendered helpless while the children they were hopeful of adopting are now typically living in orphanages (some of which have been described as being in deplorable conditions).